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On behalf of Kadish & Associates Law Group posted in Estate Planning For Business Owners on Friday, April 6, 2018.

Confronting the end of your life isn’t easy. Most people don’t like to think about that, but if you are willing to do this now and get your estate plan together, you can help your family members to work through your death without the undue stress that comes with dying intestate. Remembering this might be the fuel that you need to keep moving forward despite the difficulty of thinking about these matters.

If you are a business owner, you also need to think about the health of your business and the livelihood of your employees. You didn’t build your business up with your sweat and tears so that it could just dissolve when you aren’t at the helm any longer. You also don’t want your employee to be without the income they count on just because you passed away.

We can help you think about what needs to be done to protect your family, your business and your employees. Your estate plan might be a bit more complex than other people’s since you do need to plan for the business, but we are here to guide you through it all.

As you make your estate plan, you will likely realize just how much this can help your loved ones when they are reeling from your death. In some cases, it might even help in the days preceding your death. A living will and powers of attorney designations can help ensure your wishes are followed without your family trying to guess what you’d want to happen. We can even help you get these components all sorted out.

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