Decades Of Experience Handling Litigation Matters For Phoenix Business Owners

The drawbacks to owning a business often involve handling and resolving disputes. Our team at Kadish & Associates Law Group in Phoenix, Arizona, is well-equipped to handle business litigation and related matters.

Veteran Trial Attorneys

All of our attorneys are highly effective trial attorneys. We are familiar with the workings of local courts, procedures and processes involved with litigating any type of business matter. We also understand laws that govern businesses in thorough detail.

One of our co-founding lawyers has litigated cases in front of many juries. He has also arbitrated disputes through the American Arbitration Association, obtaining successful results for many clients.

Types Of Litigation Matters We Often Handle

We have assisted business owners, investors, real estate brokers, construction companies, restaurateurs, property managers, store owners and real estate developers with litigation issues involving:

Resolving Business Disputes Outside Of Court

Sometimes a courtroom fight is the best and only way to find a resolution. Often, however, a negotiated approach yields better results.

If handling a dispute outside of court is the best approach for your situation, our attorneys have served as court-appointed arbitrators and mediators to handle many informal business-related disputes. We can help you.

Contact us at 480-967-2688 to find out how we can help resolve your business matter. We can meet with you, discuss your anticipated goals and work to find a realistic strategy to reach those goals.

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