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Protect neighbors from noise during home renovations

On behalf of Kadish & Associates Law Group posted in Construction Litigation on Wednesday, July 5, 2017.

Many Phoenix residents engage in home renovation projects that they believe will improve their property and lives. However, when those renovations affect neighbors, the people doing the renovations may find themselves in need of a construction dispute lawyer. A key reason for disputes with neighbors, of course, is the noise that often accompanies home renovations.

This dynamic holds for cases across the country. In one case, actor Justin Theroux was doing renovations on his apartment when his downstairs neighbor contacted him. The neighbor requested that soundproofing be installed so they wouldn’t have to endure the worst of the noise from the home renovations. That soundproofing, however, would have cost more than $30,000, so he reportedly refused.

The demand for the soundproofing had a legal basis because the noise from the home renovations might be a violation of a sound ordinance. Theroux, who is married to Jennifer Aniston, reportedly was not aware that the home renovations might be violate a sound ordinance before he started them. He now finds himself in a feud and a lawsuit with the neighbor.

This situation can be a source of guidance for Phoenix residents who are planning to begin home renovation projects. They should take care to make sure that they are following the ordinances applicable in their area and minimizing noise so that their neighbors won’t pursue legal action.

There are many ways to minimize noise during home renovations. These ways include using low-sound building techniques and using sound-dampening pads and fabrics. In addition, building can be done during reasonable hours, i.e. not in the evenings or the very early mornings. Neighbors can also be informed about how long home renovations will take, which will let them know how long they will experience the corresponding unwanted noise.

When these approaches are not taken, disputes will arise and legal action may be taken. When it is, both sides of the dispute will need to secure capable attorneys.

Source: AZ Big Media, “Renovating? Here’s how to avoid fights with neighbors over noise,” Cianna Leparulo, June 20, 2017

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