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On behalf of Kadish & Associates Law Group posted in Construction Litigation on Sunday, August 6, 2017.

Phoenix, Arizona, is rife with construction projects. These range from multimillion-dollar office suites to additions to private homes. Regardless of the size or purpose of a property, the property owners need to be extremely careful about whom they hire. If the contractor they make a deal with does poor or untimely work, ithe property owner may need to consider legal action.

There are a number of things that go into hiring a contractor. One is understanding that there are different types of contractors, so that you can choose the type who is best suited for your construction project.

For example, you may need to hire an architect at the beginning of your project, who will map out the structural development that is needed in a way that suits your practical needs and aesthetic preferences. You will almost undoubtedly need a general contractor, who oversees the whole construction project, hires and supervises subcontractors, gets building permits and schedules inspections. Because general contractors take on so much responsibility, you’ll want to really check out the one you get, including talking directly with their references so you can understand how they did with past construction projects.

If you just have a small project, however, like installing bathroom fixtures or kitchen cabinets, you may need to hire a specialty contractor. In that case, as well, it is best to talk with their past clients. Better safe than sorry.

Doing a web search for the contractor you choose and their company may turn up complaints that people have had against them. That can be very useful to you as you make your decision about whom to hire. You can also check with your local consumer protection agency or building department to learn about the licensing and bonding requirements for contractors in your area. Armed with that knowledge, you can make sure that the contractor you hire is licensed and bonded as needed.

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