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Estate battle between Alan Thicke’s widow and sons continues

On behalf of Kadish & Associates Law Group posted in estate administration & probate on Tuesday, May 23, 2017.

Alan Thicke was an exceptionally successful entertainer. He is remembered by millions for his portrayal of Jason Seaver, the father on the hit show Growing Pains. He played the role for seven seasons.

Thicke passed away in December 2016, and in death he is back in the news as his sons and his widow battle over his estate. That battle is taking place in the media as well as in courtrooms.

The widow is seeking mediation of disputes about the estate. The sons, however, are less enamored with the prospect of mediation and have contended that the widow wants to use mediation to improve her position. Specifically, the sons claim that the widow has threatened to go tabloids unless the sons agree to mediation. The widow’s attorney says that their claim is a smear tactic.

When Alan Thicke died, he left a living trust, of which his son’s are co-trustees. Thicke left his sons 60 percent of the estate, shares of the ranch he owned, and 75 of the personal effects that he left behind.

Thicke’s widow got the right to continue to live at the ranch, provided that she takes care of the attendant expenses and property, 40 percent of the estate, 25 percent of the personal effects, and benefits from Thicke’s union memberships and pension. She was also the beneficiary of a $500,000 life insurance policy. She and Thicke had a prenuptial agreement, which was signed prior to the marriage in 2005. She was Thicke’s third wife.

Thicke’s sons claim that the widow has issues with both the prenuptial agreement and the trust. The rhetoric of public statements from the widow’s attorney indicate that there is acrimony between her and Thicke’s sons. The two sides may find themselves in court, and the sons have submitted a petition to Los Angeles Superior Court detailing their allegations.

Source: CNN, “Alan Thicke’s sons in legal battle with his widow over estate,” Chloe Melas, May 18, 2017

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