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Estate administration: comprehensive, timely planning is key

On behalf of Kadish & Associates Law Group posted in estate administration & probate on Monday, February 6, 2017.

You’re reading this, so you must have some interest or curiosity about estate planning and what it centrally encompasses.

Given the importance of the subject, many individuals and families do readily acknowledge that they need to devote some time and effort to estate considerations.

Having noted that, though, it is far from a secret that getting started with administration matters is a bit of a conundrum for many would-be “let’s get this done” planners.

If you’re one of those people, rest assured that you’re far from alone in being the only resident in Maricopa County or elsewhere in Arizona who feels a bit stymied by the planning process or uncertain about how to begin.

But take heart: Legions of people learn quickly that candid conversation with a proven estate administration attorney can flatten the learning curve and result in a well-considered and individually tailored strategy that carefully promotes — and keeps updated — planning objectives across all important dimensions.

Although every client of the established Kadish & Associates Law Group in Phoenix has flatly unique concerns and goals, our attorneys — who collectively command many decades of on-point estate planning experience — know that some planning goals are common and recurrent. Among other things, they include important matters such as these:

  • Preservation of assets
  • Maintenance of privacy
  • Lawful tax avoidance
  • Safeguarding and smooth handling of inheritances
  • Medical matters (e.g., incapacity and special needs)
  • Blended and stepfamily considerations

And those are merely representative planning concerns that are commonly supplemented by myriad other focus points in a given case.

Our attorneys practice law in an impassioned and client-empathetic manner that unwaveringly focuses upon the best interests of our diverse clients.

Our law firm wants what is best for all the individuals and families who seek guidance and legal representation from our practiced attorneys. We welcome questions and feedback from all our readers, and look forward to providing you with timely and relevant estate planning information.

We note on our website that, “It is never too early nor too late to think about the future.”

We can help you do that.

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