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Country club development faces opposition

On behalf of Kadish & Associates Law Group posted in Commercial Real Estate Transactions on Tuesday, August 29, 2017.

Throughout Phoenix, Arizona, many building projects are underway. However, sometimes those building projects affect people with conflicting interests, which can result in the parties needing to secure Phoenix, commercial real estate lawyers. There are many reasons why people can have conflicting interests in regards to pending building projects.

One of those reasons is concern about the effect on local infrastructure, inclusive of water and sewer systems. In the area of an Arizona country club, much of the land has septic tanks, and the process associated with a pending building project would be the extension of municipal sewer services to the area. The building project involves the construction of 75 townhomes. Developers say that there is a market demand for those townhomes, and that the sewage system would be an important thing for them.

A lot of current homeowners in the area object to the building project. Among other things, they say that the density increase, from additional residents, would adversely impact local quality of life. That could include crowding in various places where local people walk and gather, as well as an increase in vehicle traffic.

Some of the current homeowners are also expressing concern about additional noise, roads and lighting disturbing their pattern of life. Some of the roads there are narrow, which could result in frustrations of cars not being able to pass each other on a frequent basis when more residents came into the area with the proposed townhomes.

Additional residents could also result in more commercial developments, which current residents say would adversely affect the character of their community. They fear that those negatives will decrease their property values, in amounts exceeding $100,000 for one or more homes, according to a claim of one of the people living there.

This is an example of competing interests between developers of an area and people who already live in that area. Both sides may wind up waging a protracted legal battle.

Source: Prescott Valley Tribune, “Country Club condo zoning moves forward,” Jason Wheeler, Aug. 16, 2017

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