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Complaints against your business require urgent, planned action

On behalf of Kadish & Associates Law Group posted in Business Litigation on Friday, October 11, 2019.

Finding out that your business is facing a lawsuit can cause considerable stress. Having a plan for addressing this situation can be beneficial. The key is that you need to have this set ahead of time, so you don’t panic if it happens. Being able to remain calm can help you make decisions that will help your business instead of harming it.

Never have a conversation with the person who launched the complaint against your business. Everything you say to that person can be used in the case against you, so it is best to let your attorney handle all communication. If the person still works for you or has dealings with your company, state that you can’t comment on the legal matter and stick to that.

Your attorney should go over the complaint with you. It isn’t possible to address the problem or answer the complaint if you don’t know what’s going on. Look over all the documentation and investigate the information the complaint contains.

Once you know what the complaint entails, you can make a plan for addressing it. This could mean coming to an out-of-court settlement or preparing for a jury trial. You will have to determine whether you will agree that the complainant is correct with their allegations or if you will dispute them. You also need to find out if you have any countercomplaints against the complainant.

You should never ignore a complaint against your company. These legal matters can spell doom for small businesses if they aren’t addressed properly. It is always best to know your rights and what you can do to protect your interests.

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