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Perfect your pitch

If you have been following our blog, you know that many responsibilities accompany the decision to start your own business. A business strategy that establishes procedures for hiring employees, retaining vendors and reaching customers cannot be put into motion without capital. For entrepreneurs lacking in the funds to realize their goals, equity partners can provide financial support to move the business beyond the planning stage.

Closely held businesses need to be prepared for obstacles

Unlike large companies that manufacture products, small Arizona manufacturing companies do not always have the financial resources available to adequately deal with unforeseen issues. This means that closely held businesses need to make additional preparations in order to provide for periodic obstacles that could potentially be costly. It might not be possible to prepare for every eventuality, but being aware of some of the more common issues could help.

Commercial real estate purchase agreements

After taking the time to locate a piece of property here in Arizona that will work for your purposes, you want to make sure that everything regarding the purchase goes well. Commercial real estate purchase agreements can be complex and have many moving parts. Inadvertently skipping a step could either keep the purchase from being completed or cause issues at some point in the future.

Forming closely held businesses in Arizona

Before opening a new business here in Arizona, there will be several decisions that need to be made. One of the first, and possibly most critical decisions, is what type of entity to form. How closely held businesses are structured affects numerous aspects of the company.

You cannot simply shut the doors on closely held businesses

Unless a business is a sole proprietorship, it takes more to close a business than many Arizona company owners might realize. Dissolving closely held businesses involves more than just locking the doors and turning off the lights. If the proper procedures are not followed, there could be significant legal and financial ramifications in the future.

Closely held businesses could face employment litigation

Arizona companies that have employees are most likely prepared for there to be disputes from time to time. As part of that possibility, closely held businesses must be able to defend a lawsuit filed by an employee. Implementing proper policies and procedures could provide a paper trail that could relieve the company from liability.

Alternative financing for closely held businesses

When opening a new business, most Arizona entrepreneurs require startup capital. Most people do not have the kind of money that it will take to initiate a business, so it will be necessary to obtain financing. In lieu of a traditional bank loan, closely held businesses might find that taking on one or more equity investors makes more sense. However, some things need to be taken into consideration before signing anything.

Caveats for those starting closely held businesses

Starting a new business can be exciting, but it also takes a significant amount of planning. There are a number of issues that Arizona entrepreneurs need to work through before starting closely held businesses. Skipping crucial steps could end up causing more issues later.

Some closely held businesses became industry giants

Arizona entrepreneurs who are looking to start a new business often hope that their small ventures will become successful. However, in today's economy, it may not seem as though that is possible. However, some closely held businesses beat the odds in the past and became industry giants. Those looking to start new businesses may find inspiration from some of them.

Arizona's closely held businesses need an executive summary

Starting a new business involves delving into a multitude of business and legal issues. In addition to making numerous decisions, the owners of closely held businesses in Arizona will need a business plan. This plan spells out the details of the business and where it is going.

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