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An anti-harassment policy should protect you and your employees

Like most other Arizona companies, you want to create a positive and welcoming work environment for your employees. You probably want your employees to want to come to work and do their jobs well. You took the time to diligently select employees you felt were not only qualified to perform the duties of the positions they fill, but who would also work well together.

A good contract could save you time and money later

Like most Arizona businesses, yours will more than likely need to enter into contracts with vendors, other businesses or even your customers. Of course, you want to make sure that any contract you sign protects your rights and puts you in a good position should anything go wrong.

Breaking your commercial lease without breaking the bank

When you signed the lease for your commercial property, you may have experienced some trepidation. What if your business didn't do well in that location? What if you needed to expand before your lease expired? Were you really ready to sign a long-term commitment? Now that you find you will not be able to honor your lease, you certainly have concerns about the legal ramifications of breaking it.

Don't believe everything you hear about S corporations

When starting a new business here in Arizona, one of your first priorities may be to choose the type of entity under which you want to operate. There are numerous choices, but you lean toward an S corporation. Unfortunately, you may have heard things about this entity type that give you pause.

Breaking a commercial lease may bring penalties

When you signed the lease for the commercial property where you planned to run your business, you had no idea what the future would hold. Nevertheless, you committed to the terms of the lease and opened your business on the site. Now, sometime later, your situation has changed. Perhaps things didn't go as well as you hoped, and you have no choice but to close your business. It could also be that your business is thriving, and the Arizona commercial space you are leasing is no longer adequate.

Is a limited partnership the best way to form your business?

Starting a business requires making a variety of decisions. One that could affect numerous aspects of it involves your choice of entity type. The legal structure under which you form your company dictates how you will deal with taxes, personal liability and other issues.

Keep your dispute 'off the books' with arbitration

In some disputes, sitting across the table and hammering out a solution just isn't feasible. If you tried this approach it didn't work, you may now be considering litigation, but you don't necessarily want the potential "bad press" that airing your dispute in a public forum may bring.

Is an alternative to litigation right for your business dispute?

When running a business, you may find yourself having to deal with different conflicts on a daily basis. Though many of those conflicts may be easily resolved with discussion and explanation, other issues may need a more formal approach. Because you undoubtedly want to ensure that your company remains protected from any problems that could cause unnecessary complications, finding the best way to address serious problems may work in your favor.

In search of the perfect partner

If your business is doing well, you are likely feeling satisfied and proud of yourself. You may also be exhausted. Perhaps the time is right to expand your business, but you don't have the finances or ability to do it on your own. Now may be the time to consider taking on a partner.

Don't get stuck holding the contractor's bag

You may have lived in your current Arizona home for more than a decade before you were able to think about investing in some home improvement projects. Did you buy a fixer-upper? If so, you may fondly recall the dreams you and your spouse had when you took your first steps through the house you later came to love as home. You knew there would be months, perhaps years of work ahead, but you saw it as an opportunity to create your dream house, together.

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