Experienced Real Estate Assistance For Phoenix And Canadian Investors

From handling purchase and sales agreements to commercial leases, the attorneys at Kadish & Associates Law Group have over 50 years of combined experience. Let them help you get started in the Arizona real estate market.

Why Choose Kadish & Associates To Represent You?

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a retirement, vacation or investment property: real estate transactions are complex. The assistance of real estate professionals with extensive legal expertise handling such matters cannot be stressed enough.

The lawyers at Kadish & Associates have vast experience in the real estate arena. Here are a few other factors that set them apart from their competitors:

High-Quality Service At Below-Market Rate

Understanding the importance of mitigating fees, Kadish & Associates offers competitive rates and takes pride in finding efficient and cost-effective solutions for every client.

Former Real Estate Developer

Attorney Gene Kadish was a CEO and business owner in the construction arena prior to practicing law. He understands the intricacies of real estate law, the procedures and what’s important to his clients.

Personal And Hands-On

While a large firm may hand off the matter to an inexperienced staff member, clients at Kadish & Associates will always work with an attorney who understands the matter in great detail, from beginning to end.

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  • $10 Million Commercial Property Foreclosure

    The firm obtained a $10 million judicial foreclosure for a client/seller of a commercial property after the buyer breached the seller carryback note.

  • Successful Commercial Lease Dispute Settlement

    The firm obtained a favorable settlement for a glass block and masonry company that was sued in a commercial lease dispute.

Canadian Investor Assistance

We often help Canadian investors who seek to invest in residential, commercial or multifamily properties throughout Arizona. We have handled many of these transactions and can offer advice on limited partnerships, tax ramifications and more.

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Kadish Associates Law Group

Kadish Associates Law Group