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Dealing with the death of a loved one is challenging enough. You shouldn’t also have to handle the red tape of probate and trust administration in Phoenix on your own.

Let the attorneys at Kadish & Associates Law Group do the legal legwork. We are based in Phoenix, AZ, but serve clients statewide. Call 480-967-2688 or fill out our online form to schedule a consultation.

The Kadish & Associates Law Group Difference

Our attorneys have over five decades of combined legal experience. We understand the complexities of estate planning and probate and trust administration in Phoenix and Arizona. Over the years, we have acted for all sides in the wealth distribution process, including:

  • Trustors
  • Trustees
  • Successor trustees
  • Trust beneficiaries
  • Probate beneficiaries
  • Executors/personal representatives in probate

Our team can examine your case, explain the next steps, and support you throughout the administration process—from preparing and filing the necessary paperwork to communicating with other parties.

Serving You Across Arizona and Beyond

At Kadish & Associates Law Group, we also serve clients who live out of state but had a loved one pass away in Arizona. We know how difficult it can be to perform your legal duties when you are hundreds or thousands of miles away. Our experienced attorneys can take some of the load off your shoulders and simplify the process.

Our Probate and Trust Administration Services

We can assist in a wide range of matters related to probate and trust administration in Phoenix and across Arizona. What follows is a brief, non-exhaustive summary of our services. If you don’t see your matter, be sure to contact us and tell us about your needs—we might be able to help.

Probate Administration

Probate is a legal process in which a probate court reviews and administers a person’s estate after they die. This includes satisfying outstanding debts, paying taxes, and distributing assets to the heirs.

Probate is a public process and can be costly and time consuming. Not all estates must go through probate, but sometimes the procedure is unavoidable. While challenging, probate does not have to be overwhelming with our experienced probate attorneys by your side.

We will break down the steps and guide you at every turn, helping you understand what property must go through probate and how to comply with Arizona’s probate laws.

At Kadish & Associates Law Group, our team can also help you administer the estate or supervise those responsible for managing it. Other matters we can assist with include:

  • Reviewing wills
  • Inventorying assets and debts
  • Ensuring compliance with probate reporting requirements
  • Distributing assets
  • Supporting personal representatives in carrying out their duties
  • Preparing and filing paperwork

Trust Administration

A trust is a legal instrument created by one person (the trustor) for the benefit of one or more other people (the beneficiaries). A trustee, who can be a third party or the trustor, is responsible for managing the trust for the benefit of the beneficiaries.

Also known as living trusts, these arrangements can entail the distribution of assets to the beneficiaries during the trustor’s lifetime or after they die. Unlike assets listed in a will, assets held in trusts don’t usually go through probate and pass directly to the beneficiaries. That may allow you to bypass probate and the publicity, bureaucracy, and costs that come with it.

However, you must still meet certain legal requirements after the trustor’s death or incapacity. Even without these requirements, trust administration can be complicated and time consuming and may require legal and financial knowledge.

If you need assistance in managing a trust, we can help. At Kadish & Associates Law Group, we assist trustees and beneficiaries at all stages of the Arizona trust administration process, including:

  • Assistance with trustee selection
  • Trustee supervision
  • Identification of assets held in a trust
  • Preparation of asset inventories
  • Discovery and analysis of trust documentation
  • Transfer of assets under the terms of the trust
  • Assessment of exposure to estate taxes
  • Advice on opportunities to minimize estate taxes
  • Preparation of tax returns and other documentation
  • Supervision of the compensation of trustees and other hired professionals
  • Assessing the sufficiency of prior accountings
  • Trust litigation for the estate or its beneficiaries

Our experienced attorneys can help you navigate the trust administration process, prevent potential roadblocks, and help protect your interests. We handle all trust types, including charitable trusts, special needs trusts, irrevocable life insurance trusts, and more.

Probate and Trust Administration in Phoenix FAQs

Below are answers to some questions we often hear in our probate and trust practice:

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