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Construction Litigation Archives

Homeowners should watch for signs of foundation problems

Foundation problems can instill fear in the heart of a homeowner. These can occur whether the home is brand new or a century old. The one thing that is universal in these cases is that the problem needs to be addressed right away. Homeowners might find that they are facing a financial issue with this because getting a foundation issue corrected can be an expensive endeavor.

Take action when there are issues with construction projects

Starting a construction project is a big endeavor. You have a lot to think about when you are in the midst of this process. It is imperative that you take the time to review the plans so that you can determine what you should expect throughout it.

The scope of a construction issue determines the necessary action

Construction projects have a lot of variables that must be taken into consideration throughout the course of the project. Issues that occur during the process can cause frustration for the person who commissioned the project. In some cases, the issues that occur are more than just a minor inconvenience and will dictate the need to take action.

Protect your investment from substandard work

You want the structures you have had built to be built how they are supposed to be built. The last thing you want is to find out that the contractor you used didn't use suitable materials or work methods. When you do find out that something is amiss, you need to take action quickly.

Considerations: A crucial concept in construction contracts

When you hire someone to do construction work for you, chances are good that you will have to sign a construction contract with that company or individual. You should make sure that you read over the terms of the contract carefully so that you know what types of remedies and limitations there are for the project.

Don't let contractors get away with shoddy work

Contractors are expected to be ethical individuals who do the jobs they are hired to do. Unfortunately, there are some unscrupulous individuals in this field that will take advantage of what they deem easy money. This puts customers at risk of getting shoddy work done or simply not getting the work done at all.

Hire the right construction project contractor

Phoenix, Arizona, is rife with construction projects. These range from multimillion-dollar office suites to additions to private homes. Regardless of the size or purpose of a property, the property owners need to be extremely careful about whom they hire. If the contractor they make a deal with does poor or untimely work, ithe property owner may need to consider legal action.

Protect neighbors from noise during home renovations

Many Phoenix residents engage in home renovation projects that they believe will improve their property and lives. However, when those renovations affect neighbors, the people doing the renovations may find themselves in need of a construction dispute lawyer. A key reason for disputes with neighbors, of course, is the noise that often accompanies home renovations.

Breach of contract alleged in construction litigation

A building construction -- regardless of whether it is commercial or residential -- is rarely ever completed by one contractor. Under ordinary circumstances, there is one general contractor on an Arizona construction job and numerous subcontractors who are brought in to perform certain functions, just as is the case in other states. Any disputes that subcontractors have with the general contractor, or vice versa, are sometimes settled through the filing of construction litigation.

Construction litigation filed to protect 4.5 acres of land

Environmental activists work to preserve lands in the United States that have at least one unique feature such as whether the land is one of few growing areas for certain types of vegetation or is a habitat for an endangered or rapidly disappearing animal species. While many here in Arizona and elsewhere would applaud this work, it can also cause problems for developers and construction companies who want to build on the land. This can lead to construction litigation being filed by either side depending on how a local government decides to deal with the controversy.

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