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Business Litigation Archives

Keep your business protected during legal proceedings

As a business owner, you will likely have the need to litigate certain matters over the course of your business. Making sure that you have representation in your corner that can protect your business and your interests is imperative. We know that you might have some questions about what you need to do in specific circumstances. We can help you to get the answers that you seek.

Arizona homeowners should be careful about mortgage arrangements

Owning a home, for many people, is both their most personal investment and their biggest one. After all, their home is where they spend each day and where they raise their family, along with being, for many, the most valuable thing they own. Unfortunately, the money that it takes get and retain a home draws sharks who are looking to take advantage of current and prospective homeowners. Homeowners who find themselves hurt financially by those sharks may need to engage a Phoenix, Arizona, business litigation law firm to protect their money and their home.

Inventor files business litigation against Apple over iPhone

It is nearly impossible to go anywhere in Arizona -- or the rest of the country -- without seeing a sea of iPhones. Since its debut in 2007, millions have been sold across the globe. Now, an inventor is claiming that Apple stole his design and filed business litigation against the technology giant, seeking $10 billion in damages and 1.5 percent of the company's future revenues.

Business litigation might need to verify that a contract exists

When times are good between two Arizona companies, it might seem as though it would be unnecessary to solidify an agreement. However, if one party stops acting in accordance with that agreement, and a resolution has not been found, filing business litigation for breach of contract might be the next step. As part of the proceedings, the court could first need to determine whether the parties had a contract in the first place.

Arizona's vets could benefit from ruling in business litigation

When an Arizona military veteran wants to start a business, or already owns one, the company might benefit from government contracts. In fact, there is a law that provides for preferential treatment to veterans when it comes to such contracts. However, an out-of-state business filed business litigation against the Department of Veterans Affairs for violating this law.

Family partnership files business litigation against patriarch

As some Arizona business owners are already aware, going into business with family members can be problematic at times. When one member of the family fails to live up to his or her obligations in some way, disputes are not always easily resolved, and relationships can become strained. In some cases, the company concludes that the only way to rectify the situation is to file business litigation against that party in order to ensure its continued success.

Facing business litigation in Arizona

Few Arizona companies are able to escape disputes with customers, vendors or others. When those disputes are not negotiated to the satisfaction of the supposedly wronged parties, business litigation could be the result. It can be unnerving to be served with a lawsuit, but it is important not to act rashly.

Software patents once are again the center of business litigation

Arizona readers who follow the lawsuits filed by some of America's largest companies might be aware of the recent flood of patent infringement suits taking place in the technology industry. IBM and Groupon are the latest to engage in this type of business litigation. The cases these two companies have filed against each other could go on for some time since it appears that neither of them is willing to budge from their current positions.

Failed merger leads to business litigation

There are numerous reasons why an Arizona company would agree to be purchased by another company. Mergers can provide a smaller company with access to more capital, equipment and customers than it would have alone. In addition, it can save a struggling company from having to close its doors completely. When an anticipated merger fails, the consequences can be devastating, and business litigation could follow.

Being the first to file business litigation could be an advantage

Many Arizona companies do not limit their contracts to other companies within the state. When those relationships cross state lines, contract disputes can end up in federal court. When negotiations break down, winning the race to be the first to file business litigation could be an advantage.

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