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How close is too close for a business name?

You're forming a new business. You already have an idea for a name, and you know that it's important to register it properly so that no one else can use it.

Then you find out that there's another company with a very similar name. How close is too close?

Prepare ahead to get out of your commercial lease

In metropolitan areas like Phoenix, Arizona, there are many commercial leases available. Businesses need to consider a wide range of factors when choosing one, to make sure that it suits the needs of their staff and customers. However, sometimes businesses need to get out of commercial leases that they have signed. In those cases, they may find themselves in need of Phoenix, Arizona, commercial real estate litigation attorneys.

There are many reasons why a business would want to get out of their commercial lease. One is that there might be problems with the suite, building or property that the commercial lease is for. These problems may not have been apparent at the time that the lease was signed.

Considerations when drafting employment contracts

As a business owner, you may hire individuals that provide significant value to your company. Because of their skill sets and demand in the market, those individuals may want certain assurances from your company regarding benefits, salaries and bonuses. In addition, they may want some security regarding their employment.

You may be willing to provide these things, but only if you receive certain assurances in return. You may want guarantees regarding confidentiality, ownership of inventions or intellectual property, non-compete agreements, and other important matters employment matters. A well-crafted employment agreement could address your issues and those of the employee.

Make sure your business is ready to grow from day 1

We recently discussed how you can form a limited liability company and some of the advantages of this type of business structure. It is imperative that anyone who is starting or growing a business think carefully about the business structure they are going to utilize.

We know that you might have some questions about which structure is right for your business. We can help you evaluate each option you think might be appropriate so that you can find out what points you need to know. You have to think about how each will impact your business, as well as how each can protect you.

What are the steps in creating an LLC?

Creating an LLC is not as difficult as you might think. Limited Liability Companies also offer a lot of benefits to the business owners who create them. Therefore, in many situations, the choice is clear: Do a little bit a research on whether an LLC is right of your, contact a lawyer, and draft the necessary paper work.

Most Arizona business lawyers will be able to help you with your LLC creation goals. They will also be able to tell you the potential pros and cons of classifying your business as an LLC, using another business model or maintaining a sole proprietorship.

Protect neighbors from noise during home renovations

Many Phoenix residents engage in home renovation projects that they believe will improve their property and lives. However, when those renovations affect neighbors, the people doing the renovations may find themselves in need of a construction dispute lawyer. A key reason for disputes with neighbors, of course, is the noise that often accompanies home renovations.

This dynamic holds for cases across the country. In one case, actor Justin Theroux was doing renovations on his apartment when his downstairs neighbor contacted him. The neighbor requested that soundproofing be installed so they wouldn't have to endure the worst of the noise from the home renovations. That soundproofing, however, would have cost more than $30,000, so he reportedly refused.

Pay attention to the fine print in commercial leases

Commercial leases are usually a lot more involved than residential leases. There are often clauses in the commercial leases that you have to read and review carefully because they could have a big impact on your business' profitability and future. We know that you might have some questions about what you should look for when you read the lease. We can help you go over the contract to help you learn about what you are in for.

One consideration that you have to check is whether there are limitations on the use of the space. You might have your business all planned out now, but what if the scope of the business changes or you begin to branch out some. The last thing that you need in that case is to find out that you can't grow your business because doing so is against your lease.

Estate planning is critical for business owners

Estate planning is important for most people, including those who own businesses. Correspondingly, Phoenix, Arizona, estate planning lawyers for business owners are in high demand as people who own businesses plan for the future. It is always a good idea to get estate planning rolling as soon as possible.

After all, when you own a business, much of your current wealth is undoubtedly wrapped up in the business. Your family's future depends on having clear and legal plans for the business established. Otherwise, your family might get taken advantage of. If that happens, their income and well-being can suffer drastically. In contrast, good estate planning can ensure your family's prosperity for years.

Religious buildings must comply with zoning laws

Building major buildings involves getting approval from governing agencies, like a county Board of Adjustments. Public hearings may also be required. Phoenix, Arizona, commercial real estate lawyers are often hired to help with the process to make sure that it is done successfully.

This applies to religious buildings, such as new churches and temples. The LDS Church's Tucson Arizona Temple is a recent example. The temple has as special design, with a dome meant to be atmospherically reminiscent of Italy's Tuscany region. That makes it different from some other Mormon temples, which often have steeples, spires or towers. The leadership of this Mormon temple, however, preferred the dome.

Keep your business protected during legal proceedings

As a business owner, you will likely have the need to litigate certain matters over the course of your business. Making sure that you have representation in your corner that can protect your business and your interests is imperative. We know that you might have some questions about what you need to do in specific circumstances. We can help you to get the answers that you seek.

There are different types of disputes that can come up in the business world. Employment disputes, such as employees violating noncompete agreements or employees filing complaints against your company are two examples of these. Because of the nature of these disputes, you have to handle them very carefully.

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