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The steps after a contract breach must be carefully considered

Contracts in business are very serious matters. You have to make sure that your company can uphold the terms of the contract when you sign one and you expect that the other party will uphold their end of the deal. When a contract is broken, or breached, businesses can suffer.

There are two kinds of damages that can occur when a contract is breached. These are known as material or immaterial. Which one a breach falls under depends on the contract and the circumstances of the breach.

Business owners should create an in-depth estate plan

Your estate plan is something that your family members might count on to try to handle your assets when you are gone. If you have a business that includes a partner, you should work with your business partner when you develop your estate plan. We recently discussed why this is so important.

One thing that you need to think carefully about is what your loved ones might do with your share of the business. You need to make sure that you have someone who is responsible to handle things for you.

Take steps to protect your business at every turn

When you start a business, making sure that you have the correct formation is imperative. Once you have this done, you need to make sure that the transactions that pertain to the company are all handled in the appropriate manner.

We know that you may have some concerns about what you are going to do when it is time for transactions related to your business. This is especially true for major transactions, such as entering into a joint venture.

Who will carry the torch of your Arizona business in the future?

It may seem like just yesterday when you took your initial leap of faith and launched your Arizona business. Perhaps you have fond memories of the jubilation and celebrations that followed the day you actually hung the open sign above your threshold (whether online or at a brick and mortar structure). Fast forward 10, 20, perhaps even 30 years and your thoughts and focus are shifting toward the future, namely: Who will carry on what you started after you're gone?

If you have grown children, you may already have discussed the issue with them. Perhaps you have even gone so far as to designate who will own your company, who will manage it (since it doesn't have to be the same person) and who will roll up their sleeves and carry out the day-to-day duties, be it sales, consulting or providing a public service. Talking about such matters is one thing; however, you may want to take it a step further and put a business succession plan in writing.

Understanding what a joint venture is and how it works

If you were fortunate enough to have been born with the entrepreneurial gene, then you're probably the type of individual that's constantly coming up with more ideas you want to execute than you have time in the day to do it. If this description describes you quite well, then you might find joint ventures to be ideal for you.

Joint ventures describe business arrangements whereby an individual or entity with some type of business idea collaborates with another party to get the word out about it. Oftentimes, the party that is collaborated with is perceived to have a unique skill set necessary to either market or sale a product.

Arizona coach sued by agency

In the prosperous business environment of Phoenix, Arizona, deals are made daily between individuals and businesses. Many of those turn out well, to the financial benefit of both, but others go awry. The ones that go awry often result in each side needing to secure the services of a Phoenix, Arizona, business litigation law firm.

One recent contractual dispute is between the coach of the Arizona Wildcats, Rich Rodriguez, and the agency that used to represent him, Creative Artist Agencies (CAA). CAA recently filed a civil suit in U.S. District Court of Arizona. The suit, against Rodriguez and his wife, seeks the staggering amount of $230,050 of what CAA says are past due fees.

Country club development faces opposition

Throughout Phoenix, Arizona, many building projects are underway. However, sometimes those building projects affect people with conflicting interests, which can result in the parties needing to secure Phoenix, commercial real estate lawyers. There are many reasons why people can have conflicting interests in regards to pending building projects.

One of those reasons is concern about the effect on local infrastructure, inclusive of water and sewer systems. In the area of an Arizona country club, much of the land has septic tanks, and the process associated with a pending building project would be the extension of municipal sewer services to the area. The building project involves the construction of 75 townhomes. Developers say that there is a market demand for those townhomes, and that the sewage system would be an important thing for them.

Estate planning with your business partner is a good idea

Some people view estate planning as something that happens among members of families. However, Phoenix estate planning lawyers for business owners are in high demand as people who own businesses seek to be prepared for contingencies like a business partner dying.

If that happens, and you are not prepared, the continuation of the business will be in jeopardy along with your livelihood. Because of that, if you are a business owner in Phoenix, you will want to look at some key considerations in concert with your attorney.

Your business structure may structure your success--choose wisely

Owning your own Arizona business may be a long-held dream of yours, but taking this step is much more involved than simply buying a storefront and opening your doors. There are many things you would be wise to handle before you launch, and one of these matters is choosing the right legal structure for your business.

Your choice of business structure matters. In fact, it could have a significant impact on how your business operates and even influence your success in the future. Making the right choice is critical, but it is not a step you have to take on your own. With guidance, you can take a path that allows your unique and specific type of business a better chance of success.

Partners clash over business practices

Sometimes business partners work well together. Sometimes, however, they have conflicts that require them to retain a law firm.

One recent conflict between business partners occurred in Scottsdale. The partners, both octogenarians, are waging a legal war over the practices of one of the largest private companies in Arizona.

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